Light curves

With constant monitoring of variable stars you are able to record your estimates and keep track of the brightness changes the star makes. By plotting the estimates you can create a “light curve” chart of the star’s brightness and behavior over years, months, and in some cases hours.

A selection of light curves on variable stars using my own visual observations. These go back to 1993 when I made my first variable star observation. More light curves will be added when time allows.

The light curves were created with MS Excel and VStar (from AAVSO)

New Light curves #
Updated Light curves *


BY Circini
Nova Cir 1995

LZ Muscae
Nova Mus 1998

PR Lupi
Nova Lup 2011

WZ Sge – type Dwarf Nova

GW Librae
GW Lib is classed as a WZ Sge type variable star. The first recorded outburst since discovery in 1983

VX For
A new WZ Sge-type Dwarf Nova

First-ever visual detection since discovery in 1934

Dwarf Novae

DT Oct #
First -ever detection of this new SU-UMa-type dwarf nova.

V2051 Ophiuchi
V2051 Oph is a short-period SU UMa-type eclipsing dwarf novae, which shows deep eclipses during outbursts.

WW Ceti
The first historical standstill observed in 2010

Long term visual light curve

Classical Cepheids

L Carinae
A Cepheid variable star with a magnitude range of 3.3 – 4.2 V and a period of 35.5 days.

RR Lyrae type

U Piscis Austrini
U Piscis Austrini was unclassified in The General Catalogue of Variable Stars(Kholopov 1985). Visual observations from 1993-2000 and CCD observations during 2000 revealed an RR Lyrae variable star, subtype RRab.

Algol type eclipsing systems

BL Telescopii
Bl Telescopii is an Algol type large amplitude, long period eclipsing system.

OW Geminorum
Visual observations of the 1995 eclipse of OW Gem.


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