AR Pav

AR Pav is a well-known eclipsing symbiotic binary with an orbital period of 605 days. It consists of a cool giant filling it’s Roche Lobe and loosing mass to an other evolved hot component model with a large accretion disk.

An interesting and important feature of the light curve of AR Pav are the eclipse profiles. There shape, basically the width and depth, and also the position vary which reflects variation in the geometry and radation of the hot component in the binary.  Real variations in the minima positions are the result of the mass transfer between the binary components and/or also the mass-loss from the system.

The long visual light curve of AR Pav from the AAVSO data base also highlighting my observations since I started to observe this symbiotic.


My current visual light curve of AR Pav up to August 28, 2013. I have observed two eclipses in this time but more importantly I have caught an outburst to magnitude 10.6. The last outburst around the same brightness occurred almost 10 years previously. This is also approaching the next eclipse so observations during this time will be very important.

The eclipse of AR Pav is now over and has returned to it’s pre-eclipse brightness as seen from the light curve to December 17, 2014.

Current observations to June 2015 and entering another eclipse.

AR Pav


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