V2051 Ophiuchi

V2051 Oph is an eclipsing SU UMa dwarf nova. My visual Light curve showing all positive observations from JD 2450520. You will notice from the light curve V2051 Oph regularly sits around magnitude 15.0 to 15.6. V2051 Oph has normal outbursts up to magnitude 13.0 and “superoutbursts” up to magnitude 11.6.

The ephemeris of the eclipses is Min. HJD = 2444787.32124 + 0.062427865d*E (M.C.Cook, C.C.Brunt, MN 205, N2, 465, 1983)

The light curves below detail my positive visual observations made between JD 2450715.9639 to JD 2450716.9771 and show two eclipses during a normal outburst. The duration of eclipses is around 9 minutes.

The difference between the points taken as the mid-eclipse gives an eclipse period of 0.0624 days.

First-ever observed Superoutburst of V2051 Oph!

In May 1998 I detected an outburst of V2051 Oph at magnitude 13.5 which seemed to be a normal outburst. The following night V2051 Oph brightened considerably, indicating the star could be undergoing the first-ever observed superoutburst since discovery.  According to Wenzel (IBVS), an examination of ~400 Sonneberg plates could not reveal any brightenings (typical limiting magnitude 11.5-13).

High-speed photometry the following night from Japan revealed superhumps, and the usual eclipse features, concluding V2051 Oph is a member of the SU UMa type dwarf nova. The light curve below details my visual observations of an eclipse during this bright superoutburst.

In July 2010 I detected a bright outburst at Magnitude 11.9. This outburst received CCD time-series observations from Chris Stockdale.  Clear superhumps with amplitudes of 0.6 mag and eclipses with depths 0.7 mag (variable) were recorded during this superoutburst. The CCD data below.

CCD data Chris Stockdale

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