SV Ari (“Nova” Ari 1905)

SV Arietis was discovered by M & G Wolf on Heidelberg plates taken in November 6, 1905 at mag 12.0p. They reported it had brightened from magnitude 22.1. Kimpel & Jansch reported a possible sighting in September 1943, at 15.7 but this was not confirmed. Nothing has been seen since.

This is the first detected outburst in 106 years!

On the morning of August 2.788UT 2011 just before daylight, I observed the field of SV Ari (the first time for the season) and noticed a 15.0 magnitude star at this position. An alert notice was sent asking for confirmation. The outburst was confirmed by Gianluca Masi Italy -The Virtual Telescope, and Robert Fidrich from the Polaris Observatory, Budapest.

Image from Guy Hurst Basingstoke, England. Editor, The Astronomer Online

Gianluca Masi reported superhumps of 0.15 magnitude amplitude from a 1.2-hour time series run.

SV Ari : A new WZ -Sge type dwarf nova

SV Ari is not well placed at this time of the year and data can only be obtained a few hours before daylight. The amplitude of superhump is still developing, reaching 0.3 magnitudes. Updates will be posted as more data is analysed from this very rare outburst. Further observations have revealed a new WZ – Sge type dwarf nova.

The AAVSO light curve of SV Ari


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